Projects I'd like to see - An Urban Safety Project

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Projects I'd like to see - An Urban Safety Project

Postby jacqueanton » Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:15 am

City life can always be a little nerve racking for someone not so familiar with Lowell. I've never felt unsafe living here but I know others are at odds with that so I've always pondered some semblance of a solution for effecting change in the crime rate of this urban surrounding. I read somewhere that light is an effective strategy at lowering crime. The problem with increasing the lumins on public walkways is that it creates light pollution unsuitable for residents at unsustainable power consumption rates. With LED's and their directional focus, instead of flooding a street with a wide cast light, gives us a beam that we can focus and use it to follow action. Follow the pedestrian action, that is. The breaking of an IR beam is the trigger mechanism to alter the rotation of a directional LED beam to brightly illuminate any ground movement. As a sandbox experiment could a comparison of the crime rate of over time be tracked to show a positive result? It would be interesting to see a project that helps in community safety. It's just a thought, as it's a crazy complex idea to attempt to build but I like dreams :mrgreen: .
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